Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Why New Zealand campervan rentals is gaining popularity and how it all started

New Zealand campervan rental is one holiday rental service that is becoming prominent in the New Zealand thanks to its lovely open roads and beautiful country side.  One thing that makes cheap campervan hire an appealing option to many holiday makers in New Zealand is that they offer great flexibility and carefree living.

That is why most people that go for cheap campervan hire are young individuals and couples. Lucky rentals, the New Zealand campervan rental company, has also observed that some of their customers are teams of workmates or friends.  They also say that some customers hire their vans to attend music festivals and other similar events.

Lucy rental’s says that that many people prefer their cheap campervan hire, because their campervans are usually smaller and are trendy with cheery features when compared with its more formal counterpart, the motorhome. Motorhomes are bigger recreational vehicles that have more equipment and are often more spacious too.

But because they are rather smaller, campervans are easier to drive and suitable for the majority of driving licenses. And while campervans go for trendiness and design, motorhomes often go for stability and functionality. On the matter of rental rates, it is usually less expensive to rent a campervan due its compact size and is as a result preferred by the common user. The insurance required by campervan management business, is also comparatively less expensive. And this adds to the lower overall hire price.
Now that we have a reasonably clear idea of what a campervan is and how it differed from a motorhome, you might want to know how it all began. Well vehicle hire probably began with Daimler Hire Company. It probably began around 1897 when lavish chauffeur-driven Daimler Limousine services were offered in London, England. Later people could hire these vehicles and a self-drive themselves around.

Though costly, Daimler grew as a company, later on including a lots or so radio-equipped autos to the service in March 1923. And during the coronation of King George VI in 1937, Daimler Hire offered limousines for use by foreign dignitaries in one continuous procession.

The campervan phenomenon may have been started by Volkswagens van that was publicly known as the Transporter. This panel van was introduced in 1950 by German vehicle maker, Volkswagen, as its 2nd auto design. It had instantaneous popularity generally because of its special appearance and its passenger-cargo combo energy. And like its forerunner, the VW Beetle, it gained a number of labels worldwide like minibus, hippie van and microbus. It was later able to be fitted with a, kitchen, bed, sink, shower and even toilet to let adventurers people go out into the wild without worrying about the facilities in their homes. And that’s how campervans developed into what we have today.


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